The magic of modern cinema manifests itself in a variety of ways — through ideas, actions, daring creative decisions, the uniqueness of the right frame, enthusiasm and respect — all just parts of the fundamental principles of professional life at Amalgama Studios. We are scrupulous in our work. Everything that we do we like, first of all, and we hope that therefore the public will like it too. The Amalgama team is an alliance of professional and caring people. We are ready to share our expertise in the technical, marketing and creative spheres with anyone who shares our vision of the business, including an immense respect for the beauty that arises after the director yells “action!” on set.

It often happens that when we catch a glimpse of a stranger, for example, in a New York subway or in the futuristic labyrinth of LAX, we instinctively look for a reason that explains why, regardless of age, color, sex, social status, religious beliefs or … marital status, we are inescapably attracted to each other. And, of course, we will never find the true answer, which is probably hidden in the very being of transcendental concepts themselves. But sometimes that book that you suddenly see in the hands of a stranger or that record that one buys in the record store on Santa Monica Boulevard becomes the most amazing key; it allows you to establish a connection and say: Hi!

Creation of unique content, with collaboration and future:

We are sure that you know exactly how, where, and with whom you want to create your feature film, TV series, documentary, or conceptual video. What we at Amalgama Studios know is how to make your film an exceptional piece of cinematic art. Let’s work together.

Let’s make this journey together.