Film marketing

The best experts in the industry, multilevel expertise (market analysis, trends, prospects for the development, SWOT, etc.), placement of film projects at the landing page of American and international film festivals, targeting, relevant PR, SMM, search query optimization, reputational marketing in networks, big data management and as a result, creating marketing strategies with precise definition of conversion schemes are the competence and responsibility of Amalgama Studios.


Firstly, we know for sure what place SMM occupies in multimodal marketing strategies. Secondly, we will always offer a reasoned conversion way. It is a marketing channel with which product created by you or with our help gets to the market. Thirdly, we will never forget about your reputation because we value our own. Fourthly, any project is exceptional and individual for us so our services are expensive. Fifthly, we will refuse you if our views on the formation of content or on methods of delivery will not coincide with ours.