About us

Amalgama Studios is one of the newest and most ambitious high-end production companies to hit the world of cinema. Founded in October 2018 in Los Angeles by three lauded producers with decades of combined experience in the industry, Amalgama Studios is poised to bring filmmaking to new heights with its never-before-seen talent and sensitivity to cinematic beauty.

Within three months of Amalgama’s conception it had gathered the outstanding cast and original script for its landmark, six-part documentary film, “Long Play» already acclaimed for its keen eye towards cinematographic style and grace. Today an Amalgama backstage has several current projects including the four-episode documentary series “Tokyo 2020. Backstage”, a full feature length film, musical, and an autobiographical full feature length documentary, along with with two fictional series.

Amalgama’s ambitions have already led it to forging bonds with some of the most outstanding filmmakers of this century, and this is only the beginning. Amalgama Studios works closely with many world famous professionals including Clint Eastwood, Tom Freston, Billy Gibbons, Jerry Moss, Jerry McDaniels and others. Its  partners include Duncan Health and IGT, Michael Cascio, Stephan Crisman (aka Zemo), Haydn Bendall and many others.

Amalgama Studios is well equipped to tackle any aspect of moviemaking, from pre-production, production, and post-production, to implementing cascading multi-modal strategies in film marketing (including SMM and PR); Amalgama even produces film scores. The studios’ team members consist of high performing and experienced young professionals in each of these areas, all with their own creative visions.

We are open to cooperation and are always happy to participate in the co-creation of unsurpassed beauty in modern cinema.