In January 2019 Amalgama Studios began shooting the 6-episodes
Long Play
movie. The first episode release date is October 2019.

Director: Stephen Crisman aka Zemo,
Screenplay by: — Smolin aka Smok, Zemo,
Director of photography: Sergey Kozlov,
Producers: — Amalgama Studios, Duncan Heath (ETG), Michael Cascio.
Featured long play people: Clint Eastwood, Tom Freston, Jerry Moss,
Billy Gibbons, Pharrell Williams, etc

A film crew travels ‘’from one story to another’’ and catches the protagonists of this film in different locations around the world. Such as coffee shops, backstage at concerts, in elevators, at home after a one night stand, on the streets, in a New York subway train or whilst driving. Each protagonist is an extraordinary, outstanding and famous person. Amongst them are Clint Eastwood, Tom Freston, Iggy Pop, Billy Gibson and others. These people are long term players in the world of show business and they changed the trajectories of their generations’ lives. Each one of them holds a vinyl record (LP) that they find outstanding. They hold a very personal story, where music written by a star artist or band, is a mediator. These stories are unique — moments of sudden revelations return our heroes to their exciting youth. The combinations of events, music and remarkable records shown and stories told by our protagonists turn our film into an exciting, action-filled, anthropologic investigation and and an intense psychedelic trip.